Deciding between HDR or Flash photography for your listings

It’s no secret, great photography helps sell a home.  Whether you’re talking about the number of offers, selling price or your reputation as an agent, a great photo is worth its weight in gold.  The two most popular trends among real estate photographers are flash and HDR.  As its name suggests, flash photography requires strobes or small off-camera flashes to light the interiors.  There’s much more work done on location since the flashes must be repositioned for every shot.  The trade off is that very little work is needed in post processing so the agent can have final copies of the photos within a few hours.

HDR is an entirely different beast.  While on location your photographer will take 5 to 9 exposures at each location in an attempt to capture to full range of exposures.  The process is very quick and a 2500 square foot home can be shot in about an hour.  Many photographers will use a combination of techniques and shoot the exterior of the home with HDR and the interior with flash.

As a real estate agent you should have full creative control for your listing and tell your photographer in advance whether you’d like flash or HDR.  At Real Estate Web Solutions we can shoot your home with either technique.  We believe HDR add tremendous value for exteriors, especially twilight shoots, and flash adds the pop and wow factor for interiors.

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