We combine the most popular and best selling products we offer together with unique custom features that take the guess work out of marketing your property online. We give you all the tools you need to help make your property stand out from the rest!

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  • Combining Makes it Simple!

Take the guess work out of marketing your property, and allow us to recommend some great combination packages that will get your property online and notice quickly. While you can order our features and services individually, our packages combine the most popular and best-selling services we offer and provide a 1-click solution to help you get started quicker!

  • Features

Our packages consist of 3 key features: Real Estate Property Sites, Real Estate Photography, and Real Estate Video. We let you choose which media you would like to pair with your a Real Estate Property Site – of course we recommend both to give that real professional look. In addition, we also include 1-year web hosting, a rider sign for your property (with URL and QR code), realtor tools, and room by room detail/description with all of our packages.

  • Real Estate Property Sites

Our custom single property web sites help you market your home exactly how you want – quick, painless, and elegant. The trend is online property marketing, and we’ll help you do it the right way.

“In 2001, 8 percent of buyers found their home on the Internet; today 40 percent of buyers find the home they ultimately purchase on the Internet.” Are you ready to join that 40 percent with a package from REWS?

-National Association of Realtors

  • Real Estate Photography

Our Real Estate Photography photography is done on-site, capturing your home in stunning fashion with wide-angle, high resolution photos. We also take care of all the editing, before putting everything together in a photo slideshow.

  • Real Estate Video

Enhance the buyer’s online experience by taking them on a virtual tour of your property. Shot in full 1080p high definition, we capture even the smallest details that make your property unique. We will edit the footage, add transitions and animations for that professional-quality look, and then set it to royalty-free music. You can also add in a custom video voice over for this service if you want to give the buyer some notes and information that they can’t learn just from watching the video (Voice Over add-on extra).

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