Kitchen of Death

Here’s our January 18th “Pick of the Week” for the worst Real Estate Photo.

This week’s real estate photo features something reminiscent of the movie Poltergeist, where the majority of the kitchen is way too dark to really see anything, and the spirits are outside and coming through the door. Apart from the lack of detail and obvious meteor shower happening out the window, the crookedness of the photo adds to the already creepy feeling. To top it off, there is a date stamp on the photo. I didn’t even know this was possible anymore, let alone anyone that would choose to not remove it from the photo.

Depict the home in a POSITIVE light, marketing as something someone might possibly want to buy. The sun through the window is normally taken out by professional photographers (either initially or in post production), so if you have this issue, get it taken care of. You need to try to match the interior lighting with that of the outside. Even if you don’t have the best camera or have decided against paying a professional, at least put some lights in the room. What’s the point of snapping a shot of something no one can really see?

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