Preparation for Visit

Congratulations! You’ve purchased your Photo and/or Video session, made the appointment for us to come out to shoot, and that’s it, right?

Well, actually there are a few things that you can do in preparation for our visit, so that things run nice and smooth. Here’s a handy checklist to help guide you:

Download & Print Checklist

Accessible Entry Ways

Make sure that you have everything picked up and moved away from all entry ways. This includes back doors, any gates to side yards, and of course the front door. This will help the photographers when they are moving equipment in and out of the house, speeding up the service and ensuring everything is done safely.


We understand that this may be a time of transition, packing up things and preparing for a move. With this in mind, please make sure to have as many of these items in a designated area that you know will not be photographed or filmed. Remember that you want your property to be in the best shape possible, so that it catches prospective buyers’ attention in a GOOD way. (View extended list)

On Time

Our photographers are often coming to your property from another shoot or are leaving from your property to do another one. This means they have to stay on schedule. Please ensure that the property owner or the agent responsible for granting our staff access to the property is there on time.

Power Turned On

Depending on the time of the day the shoot is taking place or the natural lighting of the room being photographed/filmed, we may need to use additional photography lights that we bring with us. In the event that the property is vacant, please make sure that the power to the property has been turned on.


In order to verify that we are being given permission to access the property by a person who is legally qualified to do so, please have identification on hand when we arrive. If the home owner will be on site, a photo ID (driver’s license) verifying address is preferred. If the agent will be on site, please have both a photo ID (driver’s licence, real estate business card) AND Real Estate License Card with license number. We will also be prepared to verify our identity, so if you have any questions regarding this, please ask.

Signature & Job Completion

For our records, we will have a printout that shows which services we were scheduled to do on your property and which services were completed. In addition to having someone authorized to verify that those services are accurate, we will ask someone (home owner or agent) to sign this printout in person, indicating that the work was done.

Download & Print Checklist