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Residential Photography Tours
Standard (Under $700K) Luxury (Over 750K)    
10 Photos
1 hour appts
$129 10 Photos
1.5 hour appt
$179 Virtual Tour
(included with photo service)
up to 20 Photos
1.5 hour appt
$149 up to 20 Photos
2 hour appt
$199 HD Video Tour
1.5 hour appt, 2 minute finished video, 1 revision
up to 30 Photos
2 hour appt
$249 up to 30 Photos
2.5 hour appt
$299 Agent On-Camera
Shot at time of HD Video Tour
Twilight Add-On (up to 4 photos) $99 Twilight Add-On (up to 4 photos) $99 Add-Ons: Voice Over, Script Writing $39/each
Custom Photo Projects
We shoot until you say stop. Billed hourly.
$120/hr Custom Video Projects
We shoot until you say stop. Billed hourly.
Call us
Basic (included with photo or video service) Free Branded (Color, Company Logo, .COM) $50
Additional Services
Floor Plan (up to 3,000 Sq. Ft.) $129 Rider Sign (24 in.) $39 100 Premium Brochures $119
Up to 5000 Sq. Ft. $199 Rider Sign (36 in.) $49 250 Premium Brochures $199
Up to 7,000 Sq. Ft. $269 500 Premium Brochures $299

Standard Photography: The home will be shot as-is. This means the home must be ready to shoot when our photographers arrive. It includes minor retouching in Photoshop to correct small things like rug stains or small marks on the wall. The appointment time is also shorter compared to our luxury photography. Standard photography appointments are booked earlier in the day.

Luxury Photography: When property photos need to be perfect, we always recommend luxury photography. This allows for longer time on location, priority booking, and additional time processing and retouching the photos. If you need power lines removed, sky replacements (cloud day to sunny day) or perfect windows for a breathtaking view, luxury photography is recommended.

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