What were they trying to capture?

Here’s our January 31st “Pick of the Week” for the worst Real Estate Photo.

This week’s photo features one of the most common mistakes in amateur photography – not knowing how to capture what you want. It was obvious that this person knew they had to add light, so they used a flash. You can tell because the room they’re standing in (the one they don’t really want to capture) is lit up. In addition, you can see a reflection of the flash on the tile to the right, taking all attention away from the dark room they want you to see.

Make sure that when using flash, you are adjusting the power settings and using off-camera flashes to capture things farther away. You don’t want to only light up the foreground, and you never want your flash reflecting off anything and bouncing back toward the camera. It may take more set up than you think, but planning is everything if you want your pictures to reflect what you actually see in person.

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