Why Real Estate Video is a Must for your Property Listing

When you look through tons of property listings, it doesn’t take long to see that most, if not all, properties include photos. It does help to have these photos – especially many of them and of high quality – but the question to ask is whether these photos are giving you a true sense of what it would be like to visit the property.

The truth is photos are individual shots that don’t reflect how one actually sees a property in real life. Even if photos are combined together into a slide show with simulated pans and zooms and neat looking transitions, photos are static and limiting.

In order to appeal to the buyers’ senses and give them a TRUE idea of what it would be like to visit that property, you have to include motion. And not just the kind that you get with animated photo slide shows. We’re talking about actual movement, where new things come into view and some things disappear from view as you move. That mimics real-life movement, offers a truer experience of being there. That is what Real Estate Video will do for you.

While many buyers agree that video enhances the experience and better simulates a visit by appealing to more senses, the sad truth is that according to the National Association of Realtors, only 14% of agents incorporated the use of video when marketing properties (Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 2011).

What does this mean for you? The addition of video when marketing a property will not only help prospective buyers get a truer sense of your property; your property listing will stand out from 86% of property listings. You get the advantage of setting your property apart from the other listings, and buyers get the advantage of seeing your property in its full beauty. Win – win!

Pick from 2 packages that include our Real Estate Video service, and take your listing to the next level!

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